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Grow your wealth by investing in crypto. MetaWealth makes it easy to decide how and what crypto to buy. 



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Learn in 30 minutes what investor type you are and build up your crypto confidence with us.

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Setup the right infrastructure with your own wallet and exchange.

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Get your personal investment strategy based on your risk and beliefs profile.

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Automate your investments with our 24/7 operating algo for consistent long-term returns.

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Stories from the meta.wealth community

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    Ama, 26

    I am learning to invest with meta.wealth: with small amounts of money and step-by-step. I want to take care of my finances early on and with a long-term vision! 

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    Mike, 29
    Software Engineer

    I am an crypto investor since 2016. Given that I do not have so much time anymore to actively manage crypto and DeFi accounts, I signed up for meta.wealth.

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    Robert, 35
    Project Manager

    My money works for me while I sleep since I use meta.wealth's algorithm. I do not have to worry about short-term fluctuation due to automated rebalancing. 

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